Working in Norway during the COVID-19 pandemic

By lawyer/partner Preben Kløvfjell

Spread of the coronavirus is undoubtedly a vast concern for workers and employers in Norway at this time. In order to prevent potential infection with the virus and for working conditions to be sufficiently safe, it is important to have knowledge on government rules and advice regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Travelling to Norway

If you are a foreign worker or contractor travelling to Norway, there are certain requirements you need to follow to enter the country.
Firstly, you need to register in the entry register at Here, you must provide information regarding your vaccination status or whether you have had covid-19 disease. This is documented with a valid corona certificate. You must also be able to document that you have a suitable place to stay and the contact information for your employer or client.
Secondly, you need to take a COVID-19 test, either at the airport or at the border. If you are not fully vaccinated or have had COVID-19 during the last six months, you will also need to take a test 24 hours before arriving to Norway and go into travel quarantine.
If your employer provides a place of residence for your entry quarantine, the place must be pre-approved by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority. If no such place is in offer, you can complete your quarantine in a quarantine hotel. If you have an employer or contracting client in Norway, the company must pay 500 NOK for your stay, cf. section 22 of the covid-19 regulations.
You must stay in quarantine for ten days. This period may be shortened if you receive a negative test result on a PCR-test taken no earlier than three days after arrival.

Preventing infection at the workplace
All employers must assess the risk of contracting and spreading coronavirus at the workplace. Employers must take into consideration workers in risk groups, close contact with colleagues or customers, if there is access to sufficient hand washing, access to necessary personal protective equipment, the need for relevant training for employees and issues regarding work-related travels.
After making a thorough assessment, employers must put in adequate preventive measures.

Temporary redundancy

Many workers have been temporarily laid off due to the ongoing pandemic. If this is the case for you, you may be entitled to employment benefits.
If you are temporarily laid off and you live in Norway, you can apply for unemployment benefits (dagpenger). This is also the case if you live in another EEA country and is a frontier worker (you have returned to your country of residence within the EEA at least once a week).
As a main rule, you must stay in Norway to qualify for unemployment benefits from Norway. If you are temporarily laid off, live in another EEA country and are a non-frontier worker, this rule does not apply to you.
To apply for unemployment benefits in Norway, you must register as a job seeker, apply for unemployment benefit, register your CV and make sure your correct account number is registered with NAV.
If you need help with applying for unemployment benefits, or any other assistance regarding your work situation in Norway, consulting with a lawyer might be beneficial.


The lawyers at Tveter og Kløvfjell AS have broad experience regarding labour law. Feel free to send a non-committal email to pk@klovfjell-gammel.local or call us on 22 17 74 00 if you have any questions about your rights.

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